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Neosis with the help of our partner, Sova offers a comprehensive, data-driven and one platform powering your people decisions.

Neosis Psychometric assessments
Psychometric assessments

Psychometric assessments are used in two ways by employers: firstly, as part of their recruitment and selection processes, and secondly, they are used internally by organisations to help understand the development requirements and potential of their employees.

There are three categories of psychometric testing which are explained below. Sova uses one or more, or sometimes a blend of these assessments, based on the characteristics required for a role:

Tests of ability or aptitude are designed to assess a candidate’s ability or potential to perform a specific task or certain kind of job. They measure whether you have a specific skill and provide an indication of your potential to develop or learn those skills.

Tests of preference are used to explore a candidate’s personality, values, interests and motivations within the context of a specific role, team and organisation. These assessments will usually ask you to make a choice or rank order a series of statements.

Tests of judgement assess how candidates would manage a typical situation that might arise in the role for which you are applying. These assessments use a mix of text, video and imagery and you will be asked to select a response from several options.

Neosis Wholeperson Assessment
Wholeperson Assessment

Sova’s whole-person assessment means you no longer have to compromise between outcomes because we assess all the factors that matter at once, through one assessment, fairly and objectively. Whole-person assessment identifies better-fit candidates and boosts diversity, plus it’s faster because its simpler. We ask less but learn more about people without taking any shortcuts.

Neosis Video Interviewing
Video Interviewing

Sova’s video interviewing technology provides a consistent interview experience for every candidate and removes geographical barriers from the screening process. For organisations, video interviewing reduces the cost of hiring as there are no travel costs, plus no-shows at video interview are much less costly than for face-to-face interviews.

Neosis Virtual Assessment Center
Virtual Assessment Center

Sova’s Virtual Assessment centre technology transforms the experience for candidates and assessors – even when face-to-face is no longer an option. Our solution fixes the digital disconnect.

Neosis Leadership Agility
Leadership Agility

The Leadership Agility Questionnaire is part of Sova’s model of agile leadership, and it's the start point for executives who will participate in the Sova Agility Practitioner Lab.

Our philosophy for agile leadership encompasses leadership agility, cultural agility, business agility and career agility. Our model is built on The Four A's of Agility is based on the research and writing of Dr Kiran Chitta

Neosis Analytics with AI
Analytics with AI

At Sova, we apply AI ethically, intelligently and responsibly to analyse data, generate data-led insights and accurately predict future high performers.

Sova is aware of the risk caused by applying powerful tools to a process that isn’t right in the first place and we apply the same principles of fair and objective assessment to the way we use AI and machine learning.